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Carol Mier :  Art to Wear

Carol Mier Fashion is best known for designing unique, tasteful pieces that can be combined to create your unique fashion statement: one-of-a-kind outfits, fabric hats, scarves, totes and earrings that fit your personal style.

One of the first women artist-owned businesses in Denver's historic Santa Fe art district,  CMF has been located at its heart for over 21 years. In addition to regular hours, CMF is open every first and third Fridays as part of ADSF's popular art walks!

CMF has designed for celebrities, entertainers and political figures. Select boutiques and individuals—local, national, and international—show her designs.


Carol Mier talks about her boutique and creations.



CMF uses crafted pieces reconstructed from retro fashions and upcycled fabrics sourced from all over the world.

Let CMF help you with
design, colors, shapes to define your unique style!


• Upstyling & retrofitting

• Custom design & sewing

• Alterations​