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Carol Mier:

 International  Female   Fashion Icon

Carol Mier has made a name for herself as a designer of art to wear fashion. She's designed for celebrities, entertainers, and political figures.  Local, national, and international boutiques have showcased her designs.

  • Museo de las Americas presented her work in collaboration in 2017.

  • She has been a recipient of the Colorado Designer of the Year Award.

  • Her fashions have been carried by the Denver Art Museum Gift Shop

  • The Buell Theater lobby at DCPA in Denver showcased her unique textile wall art in 2010. 

  • Her wearable art fashions were featured in the grand opening of Denver's MOCA  exhibit in 1999. 

  • She had designed for Lon Van Eaton, a founder of Imagine a Better World whom recorded for Paul McCartney before he was with the Beatles.


One of the first women artist-owned businesses in Denver's historic ADSF (Art District on Santa Fe Drive).  CMF has been located at it's heart for 

21+ years.